Spider Hands Free Realistic Male Masturbator

Spider MasturbatorSpider Hands Free Masturbator (£89)

Hands free masturbation is the pinnacle of solo fun for men.  It aids the illusion that you are really fucking instead of masturbating.  This new male masturbator has got everybody talking as it promises to deliver real hands free masturbation with a Fleshlight quality male toy.  Does it deliver?

The quality of the masturbation sleeve itself is superb.  Really, not much difference between this and an actual Fleshlight, and at a similar price too.  To be honest, I found the suction cup, which allows for the hands free wank, to be a bit hit and miss.  The surface has to be very flat and very clean or it simply won’t stick firmly.  But when you have found a surface that it will stick to, the fun to be had with this thing are endless.

Definately a new male sex toy to check out – already proving popular and highly rated at LoveHoney.